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5 Bathing Tips In Hindi | Gharelu Tips

Nahate samay dhyan rakhein ki aapke sharir se sabun (soap) acche se hatt jaayein, laga naa rahein. Kaan ke peeche aur gardan par bhi achhe se saaf karna chahiye taaki meil naa lagi reh jaaye aur aapki twacha saaf rahe. Haath ke koniyo ko bhi rojana nahate waqt saaf karna chahiye. Nahane ke baad farsh (bathroom floor) ko bhi wiper

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Tips for using towel – Towel ke Gharelu Tips


Toliye ko first time use karne se pehle wash jarur kar lena chahiye. Towel ka use karne ke baad dhoop mein sookhne ke liye daal dene se smell kam ho jati hai. Tauliya use karne ke baad towel room mein naa sukhaye, room mein smell ho jati hai. Hamesha fresh aur saaf towel hi istemaal karna chahiye. Towel ko share

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How to Cure Muscle Pain in Legs

Tip of the Day – 5th October 2013 Today’s Tip: How to Cure Muscle Pain in Legs Use ice bag to numb the area of pain and follow it with mild stretching. Stretch the affected muscle gently. Daily Tips Topic on How to Cure Muscle Pain in Legs Date: 5th October 2013

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Health Benefits of Green Peas

Tip of the Day – 5th October 2013 Today’s Tip: Health Benefits of Green Peas Green peas contain double the protein content then most of the vegetables hence they excellent to cut fat intake and provides affluent proteins to body. Green Peas contain minimum calories and no cholesterol along with a good source of folic acid. Daily Tips: Health Benefits

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Home Remedy for Loose Motion

Tip of the Day – 4th October 2013 Today’s Tip: Home Remedy for Loose Motion Taking curd and banana is a good remedy for curing loose motions Buttermilk is great for diarrhea and loose motion, patients should take 3-4 glasses of buttermilk with a pinch of salt a day to restore water level. Daily Tips: Home Remedy for Loose Motion

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How to Gain Weight

Tip of the Day – 3rd October 2013 Today’s Tip: How to Gain Weight Eat lots and lots of vegetable, chicken, meat and egg. Skip in between meals and have three large meals a day. Drink banana milk shake every alternate day or daily Eat pistachios, dry fruits or roasted chana. Daily Tips: How to Gain Weight Date: 3rd October 2013

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