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Home Remedies for Restlessness

Take equal quantities of aniseed, green cardamon, almond, white pepper and poppy seed blend them all with pinch of water and take it after filtering, with cold water to get of relieve restlessness.  Have apple sweet pickle with silver foil layer early morning raw mouth for 10 -15 days to tame restlessness and fast beating.

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Home Remedies For Kidney Disorder

Subject the patient to minimal diet for 3-4 days. Even if it does not subsides hunger. Give barley water to ease thirst. Make the patient drink glucose water for 14 days continuously. Offer Lemon honey drink once a day. When urea get backs to normal level diet should be altered adding fresh veggies, porridge and light pulses. Complete bed rest is must. Patient must be given steam bath

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Home Remedies For Headache

Massage forehead with any of these coconut oil, mustard oil, Indian gooseberry or sesame oil just before shower for 2 minutes daily to cure headache. Massaging posterior ear nerves  and nape with oil before sleep shred off tension and bring sound sleep. Its a old belief sleeping with head facing north cures headaches.

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Home Remedies For Ear Pain / Earache

Once a week pour 2-4 drops of warm mustard oil in ears just before meal for long term cure from ear pain. Take 14 grams of mustard oil and add 2 garlic bulbs and boil it, filter the oil and pour 2-4 drops of it in ear at least once a week to relief pain,prevent fungal growth and strengthen hearing

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Home Remedies For Loss of Appetite

Taking Indian gooseberry powder with water considerably increases hunger. Take sankha bhasma powder twice daily with honey to arouse hunger. Taking Indian long pepper powder with honey  stimulates hunger. Take one pinch of rock sugar powder and black pepper powder add them in lemon juice and lick it to arouse hunger. Having water melon pulp adding black pepper powder, cumin powder and salt

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Home Remedies For Blood in Urine

To treat blood in urine discharge take 1 small sized bitter gourd in 24 gram of water rub and grate it properly, drink the water for 5 days regularly avoiding hot, spicy food. Take 3 grams of saltpeter, 250 grams of milk and I liter water, mix them well and drink it without adding any sweetener two times a day.

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