Home Remedies For Gas in Stomach

  • For curing gas in stomach take 125 grams of milk butter smoothie with 2 grams of carom seeds and 1/ 2 grams of black salt, post meal this eases  pain instantly.
  • Take  4 bulbs of garlic, peel the cover off ,take 4 raisins remove the seed from inside, place the garlic bulb in it and take it after meal chew it for sometime then engulf it this relieves gas pain.
  • flax seed leaves vegetable a easy stomach gas remedy.
  • Chewing 2 grams of carom seed with 1/2 grams of salt helps in stomach pain and gas problem.
  • To cure off all forms of pain associated with gas have 2 teaspoons of Hingashtak powder with water.

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