Home Remedies are natural way of curing diseases and restoring good health by using herbal and natural ingredients available at home like fruits, vegetables, oils, honey etc.

In Home Remedy section read about simple home remedy methods for maintaining good health. Also, know how to treat acne, stress, headache, acidity and many more ailments applying good age old techniques of home remedies using naturally available resources for a disease free hale and hearty life.

Acidity Ear Pain Loss of Appetite
Acne Eczema Loss of Vitality
Arthritis Epilepsy Fits Low Blood Pressure
Asthma Excessive Menstrual Bleeding Mouth Blisters/Sours
Bad Breath Eye Pain Muscle Stiffness
Bed Wetting In Children Eyes Nosebleed
Blood Impurities Eyesight Obesity
Blood in Urine Fever Piles
Boils Frequent Urination Premature Ejaculation
Brain Development Gas in Stomach Restlessness
Bronchitis Hair Fall Ringworm
Burns Headache Scars
Cataract Heart Attack Sinusitis
Choked Throat Heartburn Snake Bite
Cholera Heat Stroke Splenetic Pain
Cholesterol Hiccups Sprain/Swelling
Clotting Disorder High Blood Pressure Stomach Pain
Constipation Insomnia Stomach Worms
Controlling Anger Jaundice Stone
Coryza Jaundice Remedies Stuttering/Stammering
Cough Kidney Disorder Toothache
Cracked Heels Kidney Stone Ulcer
Dandruff Knee Joint Pain Vomiting
Dark Circles Laziness Weight Gain
Diabetes Leukorrhea Wet Dreams/ Nightfall
Digestive Disorder Lice Wounds
Dry Lips Lisping Wrinkles
Dysentery Liver
Ear Infection Loose Motion