Desi Nuskhe

‘Desi Nuskhe reserves and holds the ancient manifestation of remedy and cure. The world has evolved from prehistoric era of stones to modern technically savvy human race. Here things are just a click away, you just have to sit in front of a screen and operate it with hand held QWERTY cubes and the web world out there caters your demand in seconds, nothing can be faster then this, over the light speed you get the requisite information.

Desi Nuskhe drives its root from primordial ancient practices and techniques. Often Desi Nuskhe is addressed as Gharelu nuskhe and Gharelu nuskhe is referred as desi nuskhe but in short both are just the same, coming up from same root that affirms its base on curing and treating ordinary to severe diseases following old untimely sagacious words and work. Desi nuskhe brings out innovative and unheard definition of fruits spices and vegetable which are not taken or perceived so. All fruits, spices and vegetables have a unique benefiting exclusive quality which when put in right form and place work miracle. Utility and necessity bring the difference. Desi nuskhe is astute word for simply and easily available resource usage.

Desi nuskhe provides nuskhes for varied diseases in user friendly and understandable English alphabetically framed sentences in Hindi communicating speech.

Desi nuskhe has a lot to offer and present to the current humanity with its inexplicable cures and remedies.

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