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Gharelu Nuskhe for Fever

Gharelu Nuskhe for Fever | बुखार का देसी इलाज

Tulsi ke patte ke saath kaali mirch ka churan milakar chaatne se bhukar kam hone lagta hai. Yeh dadi maa ka bahut hi labhdayak desi nuskha hai. 50 gram saunf ko 1 litre paani me ghol kar raat ko rakh dein, fir subha uss paani ko chhaan kar pine se jwar (fever) mein araam milata hai. Yeh viral fever ka

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Gharelu Nuskhe for Dengue Fever

Iss mausam mein apna aur apne priyejano ka dengue se bachhav karein. Halka sa bhi fever hone par risk na lein aur bina kisi deri ke acche doctor ke pass jakar check up karayein. Dengue se bachne ke liye, apne ghar ke aas paas paani ikkatha naa hone dein. Koshish karein, iss mausam mein poora shareer dhak jaye aise kapde

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Home Remedies For Fever

NATURAL WAYS TO CURE FEVER AT HOME: Having basil leaves along with black pepper powder is very beneficial in curing fever. Soak 50 gm fennel seeds  in 1 liter of water and leave it overnight. Filter the water and drink it very next morning. It is a very good natural home remedy for Viral Fever. Watermelon juice should be given

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Gharelu Nuskhe for Pregnancy

Pregnancy ke dauran Dadi maa ke Gharelu Nuskhe

Pregnant hone par hormonal changes ke kaaran kuch na kuch dikkate mahilao ke saath hoti rehti hai. Unn mein se kuch chhoti choti bimaariyon ke ilaj ke liye hum aapke liye laayein hain daadi maa ke desi nuskhe jo aapke pregnancy ki dakleefon ke gharelu upchar mein madad karenge. Common Natural Home Remedies (Tips) During Pregnancy |Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe

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30 Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe for Health Problems

Below are 30 Dadi maa ke nuskhe for curing and preventing various health problems and ailments. Dadi maa nuskhe bring out the secrets about fruits and vegetables, their health benefits and  effects on body. Applying ripe banana paste on burns and wounds and wrapping it with bandage gives instant relief from painful burning sensation and cures burns. Okra known as lady finger is

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Stone Apple Tips

Health Tips of the Day Today’s Tips: Food Tips – Stone Apple (Siriphal) Diarrhea: Unripe stone apple is a natural home remedy for curing diarrhea when there is no fever. Stone apple oil relief’s one from cold and respiratory problems. Today’s Information: Food Health Benefits Date: 5 June 2013

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Orange Food Tips

Health Tips of the Day Today’s Tips: Food Tips – Orange Fever: Oranges are best alternatives for restoring lost taste and hunger during fever. Dyspepsia: Oranges provide rest to digestive system and supplements required nutrition’s. Today’s Information: Food Health Benefits Date: 2 June 2013

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Mung Bean (Moong Dal)

Common Name: Green Gram/ Moong Bean Indian Name: Mung Dal/ Moong Dal Botanical Name: Vigna Radiata Mung Bead in Hindi: मूंग की दाल Mung Bean (Moong Dal) Description: Mung dal is a wholesome pulse among all other pulses in India. Moong dal is native to Indian continents and is found majorly in india, china, bangladesh, indonesia, burma and few others. It is

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Radish Food Tips

Food Tips of the Day Today’s Tips: Food Tips – Radish Radish juice facilitates digestion and helps in curing piles. Drinking radish juice with black salt lowers body temperature and helps in healing fever. Today’s Information: Food Health Benefits Date: 25 April 2013

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